Jan 21, 2017
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Tooth pain is no joke!

Most people aren’t going to visit their dentist unless they absolutely have to – and even then the odds are pretty good that they are only going to make an appointment with their dentist if there is something wrong with visually with their smile.

I’m sure you’ve known people that have been dealing with significant toothaches for years and years without getting anything looked at, but the moment that the chip one of their front teeth they’ve run to the dentist as quickly as humanly possible.

We are all like that, but it’s important that you take every step possible to remedy the situation and address any and all tooth pain issues you might be dealing with as quickly as possible. When it comes to fixing your teeth you want to jump out in front of these problems as soon as possible to stop them dead in their tracks before they become much more significant issues related outline.

Here are some tooth pain issues you’ll want to get checked out as soon as you start to notice them!

Sensitivities to cold temperatures

A lot of people are going to feel cold beverages and cold food in their mouth for about five or 10 seconds (which is pretty normal), but those that start to notice pain lingering a lot longer than that are going to want to switch over to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth or see the dentist had their earliest convenience.

Sensitivity to cold temperatures can be a telltale symptom of broken fillings or cavities, and might also be a sign that your bites is misaligned or that the enamel on your teeth has chipped off. These issues can lead to a lot of pain and require extensive surgery.  Frequent visits to the dentist can help you avoid the worst of this and in the short term you can always use painkillers to control the pain.  Codeine based painkillers such as Co-codamol 30/500, codeine phosphate and dihydrocodeine can be especially effective in this situation.

Gums that are a lot sorer than they should be

If you are gums aren’t exactly the healthiest things in the world you’ll want to have your dentist address the issue rather quickly, as gum disease can spiral out of control faster than most any other dental hygiene issue.

If you notice your teeth are bleeding even during gentle brushing you may have early gum disease issues that should be addressed right away, but if you are gums actually hurt – especially when you’re chewing something – you’ll want to visit the dentist just as soon as physically possible.

Be on the lookout for receding gums, as they are a sign of long-term dental health issues that have gone unaddressed. This kind of pain can be relatively mild, but receding gums and gum disease in general can cause health conditions to flareup all over the body by poisoning the blood stream.